Conor McNamara

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Like many events in 2020, the Pat’s Pedaling Pack 100K Fundraising Ride was cancelled due to the coronavirus. We can wait until 2021 for the next 100K Ride, but children and families suffering from the effects of Pediatric Brain Cancer can’t wait until next year for our help.

So instead of the 100K group ride, Pat Mac’s Pack is asking riders to continue their fundraising tradition by staging their own ride on the weekend of September 11-13. The ride is called #pedalforpat and it celebrates the life and winning spirit of Patrick McNamara who died at age 13 from a pediatric brain tumor disease known as ependymoma.

I will be riding to raise funds for pediatric brain tumor research and to provide direct assistance to childhood cancer patients and their families.

Your contribution and support of our ride will truly make a difference in helping the many children and their families who are battling this disease.